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SG100 Foundation is a society established with the purpose of building a strong foundation to establish a prosperous and sustainable future for Singapore. This has been done through the collective efforts of our pioneer generation. To ensure continued success, our key aim is to engage youths who will be the building blocks of SG100 through offering mentorship and guidance. The end-result is a succession of sound values and valuable experience to the younger generation. The amalgamation of experience as well as creative ideas from youths will be essential in creating great ideas for the future.

As a small independent nation, Singapore has had the immense fortune of having leaders who brought us through humble beginnings to the bustling metropolitan city we are today. This success, though phenomenal, is not guaranteed to stay with us if we do not stay humble. Hence, this is the time to build up a brighter future with the efforts of our younger generations, who will be the main pillars and decision makers in the road towards SG100.As we conclude SG50, the focus is to build on this momentum to reach greater heights in the years ahead. We plan to kickstart this through engaging the youths by providing guidance, mentorship and opportunities to build networks and create a brighter future for Singapore.

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Tay Kok Chin


After over three decades in the corporate world in the Middle East, UK and Asia, in 2008, Kok Chin decided to focus on social entrepreneurship. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Global SEnSE, whose aim is to be an effective catalyst for sustained social entrepreneurship via innovative programmes for youth leadership.

Concurrently, he provides consulting and advisory services on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aligned to corporate strategies. He is an Adjunct lecturer for Social Entrepreneurship at Temasek Polytechnic.

Willy Tan


Willy has been in financial planning practice for  more than 14 years and he currently runs an award winning  agency with UK insurer Prudential. He graduated with an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering NUS and he is a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Financial Consultant. He was founder of Richminds Academy a financial literacy school for children and also an angel investor in Edutech start-ups Logicmills and SlidesIT.

Dennis Ng


Johnny Voon

Honorary Secretary
Johnny has 20 years of experience working in the RSAF as an air traffic controller and 3 years till present working as a Financial Consultant. He has great interest in networking and meeting new people for the purpose of adding value to people and broadening his areas of expertise. He is passionate about making the lives of others better and his innate strength lies in having the ability to provide creative solutions to the problems that confound others .

Yvonne Low

Assistant Secretary

Yvonne is a strategic and creative communicator. She is able to envisage various scenarios to address any challenge and to maximize any opportunity. Throughout her years as an English Head of Department in a government school and now a private enterprise business owner and Gallup Strengths coach, she is regarded as being able to influence and energize people by articulating her insights and positive vision. She’s a fearless self-starter and an energetic leader.

Calvin Tan


Calvin has over 30 years experience in the IT / Education / Training & HR, covering Education Consultancy, Skill Certification and Training roles at senior management capacities in many MNC / SME. His experiences range from international business and strategic planning with MNC to local SME business needs. Calvin is also a Spring Business Advisory Program consultant, certified ACTA , SkillsFuture Mentor and training practitioner.

Keith Tan

Assistant Treasurer

Keith has over 18 year experiences in the Electrical & Electronics fields from onshore, offshore and marine industries. His experiences in various MNC covers business development, strategize planning on new market penetration mainly Asian countries. He graduated with Bachelor degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering(Hons) by University of Manchester Institution of Science & Technology (UMIST) from United Kingdom. He is presently holding General Manager position in one of the SGX list-company’s subsidiary, Z-Power Automation to lead the sales division to look after both onshore and offshore markets. He is also the President of Strategic Management Group (SMG) of Singapore Institute of Management School (SIM).

Eugene Seah

Head of Membership 

Eugene is the Founder of Trainium Academy, a boutique training consultancy specialising in leadership and personal branding. He is highly regarded for his expertise in communication, leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship, and is often interviewed on radio and in the newspapers. Recently he was invited to share his parenting views on Channel 5’s Talking Point.

He has also trained hundreds of primary and secondary school students on communication and leadership, tertiary students in innovation and entrepreneurship, and professionals on personal branding.

Patrick Oh

Main Committee

Patrick was a former Industrial Automation Design Engineer who later venture into China running a Provincial level Business Consulting Company, a Community Development NGO he founded in the USA and a small International School which incorporated the Home School System.  He was also a former Boy’s Brigade officer and Captain, and pioneered Service learning and Character Education.  He is a life-long skills-based learner with various expertise, and is also a DISC Behavioral Analyst, certified ACTA, Professional Certificate in Designing and Facilitating Experiential Learning, Certified Fitness Trainer and Certified Precision Nutritionist.  Currently, he is a Business Advisor under the Spring-SIM Business Advisor Programme specialise in advising small businesses. His desire is to mentor young people in their life journey.

Samuel Chin

Main Committee

Ender Jiang

Main Committee
Ender is the founder of Hiverlab, a Singapore based company focus at Virtual Reality storytelling. As a futuristic storyteller and techno-philosopher, he has always been exploring how to create unique storytelling experiences via cutting-edge technologies.

Adelia Huang

Main Committee

Annie Mu

Main Committee


Vernon Yim


Vernon is the co-founder of the ground-up initiated SG100 Foundation. With his years of experience managing and engaging youths, he advocates the empowerment of youths in injecting values and purpose in their endeavors. Tapping on his prior partnerships in business strategizing and the financial sector, he channels his resources and experience to create developmental opportunities and models for youths to be involved in and benefit from.

In his pursuit for personal development, he enjoys travelling extensively to seek greater exposure to various life experiences as he meets new people and explore new places. An ideal to see the world from the perspectives and encounters of others.

Chong Soon Seng


Soon Seng is currently a 2nd year student in NTU. He serves as the Vice-President of NTU Entrepreneurship Society and have organised various entrepreneurial events under his school club. Having a passion to meet new people, he frequently organised networking event and broaden his network continuously. Being heavily involved in entrepreneurship, he is also involved in various projects and aspires to help more like minded peers succeed and achieve their dream.

Christine Toh

Honorary Secretary

Christine is currently in her 2nd year in NUS. She is a highly self driven individual who always seeks out for new challenges to do. With much due of her perseverance and determination, I always get things done with excellence. Christine has also taken up multiple leadership roles in school and planned many school based events. Such experiences has helped her grow as a leader, teaching her to be more tolerant of differences that arises in group settings.

She is also a fitness enthusiast and loves to bake and pick up new skills.

Alex Yeo

Head of Finance

Fresh graduate from NUS, Alex has many experiences with Event Management, Social projects, Youth leadership and even Emceeing. With his social heart, his key interest is to develop new and sustainable solutions to enhance the quality of life for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Alex dreams to be on the TED stage one day.

Bonny Cheang

Head of Marketing

Bonny is a Marketing Student at Temasek Polytechnic. She enjoys honing her Marketing skills by entering Marketing Competitions and developing school projects for Real Life Clients. You will constantly find her participating in workshops, reading self-help books and attending school camps to develop her interpersonal and leadership skills.

Zoey Lee An Qi

Assistant Head of Marketing

Zoey is a 3rd year student from Temasek Polytechnic, pursuing her Diploma in Marketing. Being the former Vice-President for the TP Institute of Public Relations (TP-IPRS) student chapter, she has various exposure in the world of Public Relations, media management and networking skills. Passionate about communications, Zoey aims to be able to contribute her skills in delivering clear messages to impact the society today.

Sean Lim Shao Hern

Main Committee
Sean is a second year student pursuing finance and operations management degree in Singapore’s Management University. He is actively involved in his school’s events and have held several leadership positions as well. He likes to interact with new people and travel overseas because he believe that is the only way we can broaden our perspectives. He join this foundation in hope of growing and learning together with the nation, and to preserve the practice of this patrimony.

Vivian Poh

Main Committee

Vivian is a 3rd year Marketing student from Temasek Polytechnic. Her passions lies within her social heart and keen interest to learn new things. Self-motivated and determined, coupled with the various knowledge that is taught in her course, Vivian has the right and relevant skills to contribute to the society today. Her exposure to the various countries that she has visited to date has given her the valuable exposure to know the changes and cultures of the different places she has been.

Wayne Lee

Main Committee

Wayne is a third year student at Singapore Management University pursuing a major in operations management. He is the Assets Director with his school’s resident Afro-Brazillian percussion band Samba Masala and is actively involved with performances both locally as well as overseas. He believes that technology will shape our future in many different areas from consumer behaviour to disruptive technologies. He is working together with us to make a difference and improve the future of Singapore.

Sahil Bhardwaj

Main Committee

Fu Kah Deng

Main Committee

Kah Deng is a 3rd year student in Singapore Polytechnic, pursuing his Diploma in Game Design and Development. He is former Unit Sergeant Major from Admiralty NCC as well as the Cadet 2nd Lieutenant from NCC HQ. Apart from this strong passion in Game Design, he has keen in exploration, photography as well as networking. Idealistic and determined, Kah Deng dreams to start his own game design studio in the future.