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Quotes from our GOLD and SILVER sponsors

“Singapore has had the fortune of having great leaders who brought us to the bustling metropolitan city we are today. This success, though phenomenal, is not guaranteed to stay with us if we do not stay humble yet hungry to build up a brighter future with our younger generation.”
– Dennis Ng, Founder of Kent Ridge Education Group

“Singapore is currently resting on the rock solid foundation laid by our forefathers.  Moving forward, we need to remake and adapt to challenges in a more volatile complex landscape.  SG100 Foundation is a perfect platform to share knowledge, experience and resources to make sure our success story continues not just into the next 50 years but beyond.”
– Willy Tan, Willy Tan & Associates, Prudential

“SIM Global Education’s mission is to open doors in life through educational opportunities. Our holistic global education aims to inspire a generation of
SIM graduates with the “Global Edge” to shape the world.  SIM Global Education offers our students with a full spectrum of opportunities to gain overseas exposure while also supporting their local development.  From the intellectual vibrancy of world-class academic exchanges, to examining the economic development of global cities, to understanding the complexities of social changes, students are offered platforms to be at the centre of global engagement.

SIM Global Education is hence supportive of the SG100 Foundation’s initiative to facilitate interaction and co-operation between the youth, industry leaders and government agencies to promote the spirit of innovation and collaboration in contribution to the society at large.”
– SIM Global Education

“The SG100 Foundation is a meaningful event that brings together senior business leaders mentoring the young leaders, so as to lead Singapore towards and beyond 100 golden years. I am happy and proud to play a part in supporting this initiative to build upon the foundation that our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, has set. My hope is that my children will grow up to play their part in contributing their talents and skills in this place we call HOME.  Majulah Singapura!”
–  Victor Fong, Victorious Finance

“Our desire in supporting SG100 Foundation is to see a young talented generation of capable and able leaders rising to taking responsibility and ownership for Singapore.  Then we can comfort ourselves that we have a new generation of trusted leaders to take over this Singapore for posterity.”
– WTS Travel

Quote from our BRONZE sponsors

“As educators, Animagine supports the vision of SG100 Foundation to rally the young early in nation building for the next 50 years.  We desire to see future youths groomed cleverly and strategically in our education system.   Let’s instill in them the spirit of overcoming and in the attitude of life-long learning to continuously keep Singapore at the forefront of success in all areas.”
– Ho Wei Siong, Co-Founder of Animagine Pte Ltd

“Today is the deed.  we will account for it tomorrow.   The past we are leaving behind as carrion.  The future we leave to the fortune-tellers.  We take the present day.”
– Ideas Ink School

“We see the SG100 Foundation as a national platform that advocates the development of each person’s legacy for life.  Let’s help make each life count
as we build Singapore towards SG100.”
– Living Lasting Legacy

“Nurturing and mentoring aspiring young leaders today requires much time, thought and tencity.  It’s like formulating a great succession plan – something no organisation and country will neglect.   That’s why we support SG100 Foundation.”
– Mastereign Enrichment Group

“By SG100, many of us here won’t be around anymore and there is no telling what will happen to Singapore in another 50 years.  At this moment, all of us have a significant role to play in creating a movement that sets the stage and the momentum for the Youths of Today  who will become the Leaders of Tomorrow to continue to challenge boundaries and propel Singapore forward.”
– David Kwee, CEO of Training Vision Institute Pte Ltd

Quotes from various sponsors

“Towards the Next Frontier of Enterprises”

– Datok Brans Ong, Chairman of APF Group

EMPATHY is the Key.  LEARNING is the Journey and CO-CREATION of solutions is Wisdom”

– Patrick Oh, AGAPEbiz – Nonprofit Consultant

“What SG100 Foundation is trying to do is closely aligned with what Global SEnSE had been doing for the past years.  We aim to be the catalyst for sustained social entrepreneurship to build more inclusive, shared-value economies with innovative youth leadership development.”

– Tay Kok Chin, MD of Global SEnSE

“IPRS supports this movement for its youth members to develop the next generation of youth leaders – for greenery and recreational activities that IPRS organizes.”

– Maria Boey, President of Institute of Parks and Recreation Singapore

“Lifestyle Mafia empowers the youth with skills, strategies and values to ensure a bright future, and strongly supports SG100 Foundation to inspire youths to achieve their goals.”

– Lifestyle Mafia

“Beyond giving back to the society and bringing clean water to developing countries one step at a time, Positive Water is dedicated to bringing positivity and unlocking the potential of youths.   The SG100 Foundation’s cause strongly resonates with Positive Water in bringing empowerment.”

– Positive Water

“Motivated to educate and inspire entrepreneurs, Startup Academy wants to continually endeavour to attain excellence and strongly believe in the vision of SG100 Foundation.”

– Startup Academy

“We are glad to support the SG100 Foundation movement that champions the social enterprise model as a sustainable business model.

What I am thrilled about is the development of enterprise leaders for the social sector, a much needed focus in the country.”

– James Tian, GM of The Salvation Army

“We all play a part to cherish, to protect and to constantly improve where we call home.  Together, we can build a brighter and stronger SG100!”

– Web Imp Pte Ltd

“Our company believes in the objectives and purpose chartered by the SG100 Foundation.  We see the urgency and importance to have ground up support to help nation building for the next generation.”

– Lawrence Lin, CEO of Xing Zong He Engineering Pte Ltd

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