For The Better Future of Singapore

Our vision is to unite our fellow Singaporeans to PROTECT, PROVIDE and PRESERVE Singapore for perpetuity.

How We Came About The Foundation

- Team SG100

SG100 Foundation is a people’s movement formed by a group of like-minded patriotic Singaporeans, to welcome all to come together to share and shape the future of our nation. We support our government elected by our people. We standby this mandate by our people for peace, harmony and prosperity.

The movement was inaugurated on the 1st day of our 51st year of independence to mark our next generation of journey in continuous nation building. This is to ensure that the generations there after would continue the spirit of our fore-fathers with SG 150, 200 and 250… towards perpetually.

To honor and commemorate the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew and the founding generation for giving us what we have today, 22 Mar will be the day annually where all of us, both Singaporeans & friends will come together not just to celebrate our success and achievement, but also to reflect by appreciating our past, understanding our present to be ready for our future. Hence the theme’ Lest We Forget’.

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