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SG100 Foundation is a society established with the purpose of building a strong foundation to establish a prosperous and sustainable future for Singapore. This has been done through the collective efforts of our pioneer generation. To ensure continued success, our key aim is to engage youths who will be the building blocks of SG100 through offering mentorship and guidance. The end-result is a succession of sound values and valuable experience to the younger generation. The amalgamation of experience as well as creative ideas from youths will be essential in creating great ideas for the future.


  • Continue to build on the legacy of our founding fathers in nation building.
  • Unite people in Singapore from all walks of life to contribute towards building a strong and stable nation.
  • Provide a platform for successful senior leaders to advise and mentor the younger people to lead Singapore towards and beyond SG100.


  • To PROTECT, PROVIDE and PRESERVE Singapore for perpetuity.