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2022 Budget Dialogue with Minister of finance Mr Lawrence Wong

On a bright Saturday afternoon on 2nd April 2022, we hosted Minister of Finance Mr Lawrence Wong for a candid post 2022 budget dialogue. Present as guest panalists are Mr Seeram Ramakrishna, Director of nanotechnology and sustainability at the National University of...

Youth engagement meeting

We had a youth engagement meeting, where we shared with the youths the how, why and what of SG 100 Foundation. Many of them were excited to know that SG 100 Foundation was started because of a simple vision by the founders of wanting to preserve and protect the legacy...

Dialogue with Minister Shanmugan

Minister Shanmugan and SG100 Foundation committee On 9th Jan 2021, we are honoured to host Minister Shanmugan in a dialogue. He shared his insights on the latest hot button topics, like how the government is handling Covid and how can we expect to recover from it. He...

SG 100 Dinner with Heng Swee Keat

Sg100 foundation dinner 2019 Heng Swee Keat SG 100 Foundation was honoured to have Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat to grace our 4th annual...

Rainforest Lumina Kick-Off Meeting

On the 30th of August, more than 35 high spirited youths gathered for a kick-off meeting, on our upcoming project, Rainforest Lumina. Malvin Tok, person-in-charge of the upcoming project, welcomed everyone with an overview of what to expect for the event. Keen youths...

SG100 Foundation Mentorship Programme

The SG100 Foundation mentorship programme is led by Johnny Voon. 10 weeks of teaching, guiding and mentoring the youths. It will bear fruits in due season.

Promoting Singapore’s Art & Culture to Tampines Community

An initiative by SG100 Foundation in collaboration with J Team Productions to promote and support Singapore arts and culture. Corporate Sponsor, KRTC Kent Ridge Education sponsored the movie screening on 21 March. More than 200 Tampines elderly and underprivileged...

B.O.L.D Book Revealed @ SG100 Dinner

At long last, the SG 51 B.O.L.D book is finally out! Get your copy today by dropping us a text. Thank you for your support! #sg100foundation  ...

Least We Forget SG100 Dinner

Honoured to have Mr Tan Chuan-Jin to encourage us. One of the key points in his message is that we are to be gracious and take care of one another. And people must be at the heart of what we do. #sg100foundation #lestweforget...
Annual General Meeting 2022

Annual General Meeting on 10th May 2022. A warm welcome to the incoming Exco!

Our Vision

Our vision is to unite our people to PROTECT, PROVIDE and PRESERVE Singapore for perpetuity.

Our Pledge

SG100 Foundation is a formation, by our community, from ourcommunity, with our community, for our community, owned not by any one but by everyone, who calls himself a Singaporean.

About Us

SG100 Foundation is a social enterprise (member of raiSE, Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise) established with the purpose of building a strong foundation to establish a prosperous and sustainable future for Singapore. This has been done through the collective efforts of our pioneer generation. To ensure continued success, our key aim is to engage youths who will be the building blocks of SG100 through offering mentorship and guidance. The end result is a succession of sound values and valuable experience to the younger generation. The amalgamation of experience, as well as creative ideas from youths, will be essential in creating great ideas for the future.

As a small independent nation, Singapore has had the immense fortune of having leaders who brought us through humble beginnings to the bustling metropolitan city we are today. This success, though phenomenal, is not guaranteed to stay with us if we do not stay humble. Hence, this is the time to build up a brighter future with the efforts of our younger generations, who will be the main pillars and decision makers in the road towards SG100.As we conclude SG50, the focus is to build on this momentum to reach greater heights in the years ahead. We plan to kickstart this through engaging the youths by providing guidance, mentorship and opportunities to build networks and create a brighter future for Singapore.

Learn more about our initiatives HERE

Find out more about our current Executive Committee HERE

How we came to be

SG100 Foundation is a people’s movement formed by a group of like-minded patriotic Singaporeans, to welcome all to come together to share and shape the future of our nation. We support our government elected by our people. We standby this mandate by our people for peace, harmony and prosperity.

The movement was inaugurated on the ist day of our 51st year of independence to mark our next generation of journey in continuous nation building. This is to ensure that the generations there after would continue the spirit of our fore-fathers with SG 150, 200 and 250… towards perpetually.

To honour and commemorate the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew and the founding generation for giving us what we have today, 22 Mar will be the day annually where all of us, both Singaporeans & friends will come together not just to celebrate our success and achievement, but also to reflect by appreciating our past, understanding our present to be ready for our future. Hence the theme’ Lest We Forget’.