Our Pillars Of Focus

The foundation aims to help Singapore develop its future landscape across four key pillars:


Developing youth leaders through sustainable social projects


Educating youths on governance and policy making


Cultivating youths who are open, innovative and adaptive to change


Recognizing and celebrating the role of arts in our society

For The Better Future of Singapore

Our vision is to unite our fellow Singaporeans to PROTECT, PROVIDE and PRESERVE Singapore for perpetuity.


Youths today have various mindsets towards social causes. Some are actively involved in it while others have other priorities like studies. For those who are busy with school, they may not be able to commit fully even though they have the passion to contribute to a social cause due to time constraints.

On the other hand, there are also youths who may be underprivileged. These youths may not be well to do and thus spend time during the holidays to work instead of dedicating time and effort to a social cause given their financial status as a student. The government understands this and has come out with program like the GIC Sparks & Smiles Award. It is a leadership and mentoring program to selected students who, despite their difficult financial circumstances, are happy to put in time to befriend those from disadvantaged homes. They will be put through a one-day training course and will then be required to serve the community for 25 hours. In return, they get a cash grant of $3,000 to $5,000 to help them manage their financial difficulties.

We aim to develop youth leaders through social projects that come with remuneration for their efforts. With the financial support, we are able to get youths who, despite their difficult circumstances, want to contribute to a social cause. By creating a sustainable ecosystem, we can integrate our youth into local social projects that can build confidence and develop their leadership qualities while impacting the community at the same time.

Inspired by the inclusive playground which was built for Singaporeans with physical disabilities, the Inclusive Carnival is a youth-initiated event that aims to support and raise awareness about the locals living with the physical disabilities. The carnival is also in conjunction with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities that falls on the 3rd of December.

At the carnival, Singaporeans gain greater awareness and understanding for those with disabilities, creating a more inclusive society.

Since the event is initiated by youths, the SG100 Foundation hopes to see more youths do good by volunteering their service to develop the initiative. The youths will definitely develop greater empathy towards the less fortunate in Singapore while preparing for the Inclusive Carnival.


The engagement of youths in modern governance is important. Participation in political and decision-making processes are beneficial for the growth of society. For the pioneer generation, it was a matter of survival. Youths today have a completely different set of hopes and dreams where they want to live a life of purpose and make a difference. They can be a creative force, as well as a dynamic source of innovation. Hence, it is important for us to ensure opportunities are available for such aspiring youths, who will be the the main pillars and decision makers when SG100 comes.

In recent years, we have also seen an increase in the number of youths being vocal about their issues and problems faced by policies set out by our government. We believe that there is always room for discussion to engage these voices to help the government better understand and solve the issues people face. This is in line with our goals to facilitate sustainable economic and social development. The foundation will work with senior and retired leaders to engage the youths, understand what they think as well as help them to understand policies laid by the government. This is to create a two way communication to build a coherent and integrated society.


Our well-educated and skilled workforce, good connectivity, reliable public services, stable government and rule of law make us an attractive place to do business and gives us a competitive edge globally.

This is the result of the efforts from our previous generation. Moving forward, Singapore must continue to ensure our economy stays ahead. According to Minister Heng Swee Keat, “Singapore must stay open, innovative and adaptive to change”. We must continue to instill entrepreneurship values into our aspiring youths.

B.O.L.D Book

The Book

SG100 Foundation, as a non-profit organization with the mandate to mentor and prepare our youths for the future towards SG100.This is the 1st year of publication, and we will be doing this every year. As part of our efforts, we are publishing a book entitled “SG51 – B.O.L.D.”

B.O.L.D. stands for “Be Outstanding, Living our Dreams”. This book aims to capture the bold visions and spirit of successful individuals. We want to give a BOLD call and challenge to our youth for greater things and Singapore .


Arts represent the inherent value of our culture and it defines our national identity. Being a multi-cultural nation, the arts provide a bridge for people from different backgrounds and ethnicities to better understand and appreciate one other. Singapore should continue to nurture the arts and culture as it will inspire Singaporeans to build a shared culture. In addition, the arts and cultural activities would act to preserve our heritage for the future generations to build a culture of awareness and appreciation.

Art in many forms is being celebrated by people all over the world. More can be done and emphasized to encourage a greater number of Singaporeans to express their creativity and take part in building the country’s arts and cultural scene.

The upcycling fashion show titled “Design for Good”, is an idea initiated and developed by The Salvation Army and the SG100 Foundation. The project aims to collaborate with our local art associations and organizations to put together a large scale, locally-branded fashion showcase. Annually, the Salvation Army receives a generous amount of pre-loved clothing from the public. The clothing are subsequently donated to the less fortunate or resold at the various Salvation Army thrift stores to raise bunds for their beneficiaries.

The upcycling fashion involves the redesign of preloved clothing in good condition and material, to beautifully crafted pieces for an auction facilitated through a fashion show. The proceeds raised from the auction will aid the Salvation Army in raising funds, contributing to a good cause. Since the fashion show is an opportunity to showcase and promote the local arts, the works of budding and established Singaporean designers will be featured. This initiative was a success in Australia, and the SG100 Foundation hopes to replicate the initiative in Singapore. The project will provide exposure to our youth in areas such as fashion design, event management, and modelling.

Hence, the initiative will act as a platform for budding fashion designers to learn and showcase their work to international audiences. Furthermore, the fashion show will develop the arts scene in Singapore.

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