Earlier in July, two of our youth committee members, accompanied by two senior committee members, went to the United Kingdom (UK). The youth members were part of a team to represent Singapore in the Land Rover 4 x 4  Schools Technology Challenge. There were a total number of 21 teams from more than 10 countries, who were involved in this Global CSR Programme by Jaguar Land Rover!



(From left to right: Grace, 16 years old, Sahil, 19 years old and Jananee, 19 years old)

Xcelsis is the representative team of Singapore. They used to be strangers, but that does not stop them from working as a team. They are like-minded, which resulted in the development of camaraderie.
Team Xcelsis took part in the international competition, which requires four to six members to work together to design and construct a radio-controlled four-wheel-drive vehicle. The team was to set specifications on the constructed vehicle, which will then be tested on a specially designed test track. The purpose of the test run is to simulate reality and the abilities of a full-scale 4×4 vehicle. The team was also sponsored by Mastereign Enrichment, who supported the team during the process.
However, the competition was not the only goal in the minds of the Xcelsis’s members. The team flew to the UK a few days before the competition, to explore the beautiful country. What an educational trip for the youths! The trip was perfect, and it was a good break from their hectic school life.




As the competition date came closer, the team had to report to the competition venue to register and they received a short briefing on the programme. After the helpful briefing, the team headed down to the arena to set up their pit booth.







(Team Singapore Pit Booth – Xcelsis)

During the competition, the team had gotten the chance to meet other inspiring teams from various countries such as Team Hydra from Scotland, Wombat Warriors from Australia, Limitless from Portugal and many more. The team was also invited to have an archery competition with Team South Africa and Slovakia.


On the actual day, as part of the activities in the competition programme, the team was required to pitch to big companies such as Virgin Galactic and UK Universities, to sell and present their product. Despite not being able to bring home any awards, the team gained new learning experiences that not every youth is privileged to.
Let’s hear directly from both Sahil and Yvonne (In-Country Coordinator).
“I personally got to learn a lot from this competition. From the technical skills such as building a car to precision and driving on difficult elements to soft skill such as presenting and selling our ideas. Overall, it was really fun competing and meeting teams from all over the globe. I was very amazed at the passion everyone had.” – Sahil, 19, Temasek Polytechnic Year 3 Student, Team Xcelsis
“We are privileged to represent Singapore in this year’s 4×4 in schools world finals. It’s our first time and we’d merely a month of intense preparation. We are thankful to be ranked 14th out of 21 international teams. The competition is a perfect platform for our 3 youths to apply their creative and critical thinking skills to solve the problem. And I’m happy to report that they and had rose to the occasion and did us proud.” – Yvonne Grace Low, In-Country Coordinator.

The competition in the UK has provided good learning experiences for the team members, and an opportunity for them show them their potential. We are all very proud at the good work the team has done! Job well done!


Written by Jolin Choi, Vice-President of the SG100 Foundation

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