On the 30th of August, more than 35 high spirited youths gathered for a kick-off meeting, on our upcoming project, Rainforest Lumina. Malvin Tok, person-in-charge of the upcoming project, welcomed everyone with an overview of what to expect for the event. Keen youths were all ears, anticipating what would be coming up next.

Mr Willy Tan gave a brief introduction of the SG100Foundation, sharing on the valuable opportunities there would be and have been for the youths to gain exposure and experience. The time was then passed on to Malvin to address how real-world experiences have benefited all of the youths that have participated in the previous events such as the recent ASEAN meeting and the SG100 Hackathon. Deborah Yeo was invited to share what she gained from the ASEAN meeting, and some interesting relations she observed. Reine was then invited to speak about the importance of networking, how tapping on our connections help one grow as a person and achieve higher goals. Next up was Han Meng that gave an interesting speech on fun. He spoke of working behind the scenes during the SG100 Hackathon event, which has opened his eyes to how challenging yet fun organising an event was.

After highlighting that real-world experiences, networking, and having fun is what the youths would experience with the foundation, the huge group of youths were split up into groups of 20 to dissipate more information on Rainforest Lumina, fill in forms, and to gather any questions that there may be. Everyone was in lively chatter, excited for the upcoming event. We concluded the meeting with a group photo, with our hearts filled with anticipation to what would be coming up next.

Thank you to all participants that joined us for the meeting! See you all on our next monthly meeting on the 15 of September.

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