“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” -John Maxwell

The foundation’s journey towards a prosperous Singapore has begun, and we need leaders to show us the way.

On the 9th April 2016, elections for leadership roles were held within the senior and youth committees. Who are the appointed leaders? Click here to find out!

Together with the committee members, the elected leaders will bring Singapore and the SG100 Foundation to greater heights!



“It is indeed an honour for me to serve as Chairman of the SG100 Foundation Pro Tem Committee. I am humbled to be elected and will do my best for the group in this pioneering effort.

As a ground-up, private-sector led movement for nation building, we hope to encourage more professionals and seniors from the business community to run meaningful projects with our youths today, in close collaboration with all sectors, to create a more inclusive Singapore. This will help to develop youths as future leaders, and bring benefits not only to Singapore, but the global community, on a sustainable basis.”–Mr Tay Kok Chin, Chairman


“Singaporeans have been able to thrive on the rock solid foundation laid in the first 50 years by our forefathers. However, the clear and present danger is that we are tempted to continue with the old successful model and assuming this success will extrapolate into our future when the world is changing faster than ever.

The SG100 Foundation prepares our youths to be nimble, with the seniors providing the map and moral compass to navigate a more complex and volatile landscape while instilling a desire to give back to our country and community.” –Willy Tan, Vice-Chairman

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