SG100 Foundation is organizing a carnival on the 1st day of 2016, its significance being the very first day towards SG100, after celebrating the end of SG50. As we conclude SG50 this year, the focus then turns towards how we can carry on this momentum to reach even greater heights in the next 50 years. As a small independent nation, Singapore has had the immense fortune of having great leaders who brought us through humble beginnings to the bustling metropolitan city we are today. This success, though phenomenal, is not guaranteed to stay with us if we do not stay humble, yet hungry to build up a brighter future with the efforts of our younger generations, who will be the main pillars and decision makers when SG100 comes.

With the focus on our Youths, this carnival is organized entirely by student leaders across various institutes in Singapore. Hop on to our time machine this coming 1st of January as we

1) Bring you back to the ’80s with the traditional games display played in Singapore

2) Showcase our current aspiring youths’ ideas and work across different education institutes in Singapore with games, booths, exhibitions, and performances.

3) Look ahead to the future with futuristic Virtual Reality(VR) lens exhibition and Laser Tag games.

Be nostalgic as we bring you back in time.
Be contented as we present to you our achievement.
Be excited as we show you the future.

Come on down to join us for a fun and enjoyable day as we mark the start of our on-going efforts towards SG100.


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