“Lest we forget” lunch event with Mr Chee Hong Tat

“Lest we forget”
9 years and 1 day to the day that Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed on (23rd Mar 2015), we gathered together to commemorate his passing, but more importantly, the legacy and values that Mr Lee Kuan Yew left behind.
Mr Chee Hong Tat was our Guest-of-Honour this year at our annual “Lest we forget” event, hosted by the good folks at Qian Xi Restaurant at SAFRA Toa Payoh. He gave a short address, which contained 2 very important messages:

1. #SGunited
Over the past 3 years of Covid and war in Ukraine, Singapore, being intricately connected to the global economy, has seen her fair share of challenges. There will be more moving forward, especially as this year’s Budget 2024 has given a clear indication. The key challenges facing most Singaporeans are the rising costs of living as well as challenges in the job market. Since end of last year till this year, we have already seen many tech companies shedding their headcount, and moving forward, this will only get worse as investors start to pull back or hold back on investments.
This is where we need to stand united as one people. The government alone cannot tackle these challenges. We need the buy-in of every stakeholder – government, the man and woman on the streets, employers, private and public organisations. Only by uniting and moving forward as one, can we successfully overcome the short and mid term economical and social challenges.

2. #SGunlimited
Unity is one keystone that gives us the foundation to overcome challenges. The belief that we can tap on our potential and achieve much, much more is also very crucial to help us as a people and as a nation. When Singapore separated from Malaysia in 1965, we did not have anything. We only had a firm and unwavering belief that we can make it as one nation.
Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his founding team set the stage, with grit and determination to make it work. It is now down to us as the young generation to lead by example. We must continue to have the mindset of adaptability and growth, to flow like “water”. Nobody can predict what, or when, the next “black swan” event will be. With a positive mindset of growth, and grit, this will help us to become stronger as a nation, and really thrive for the next 50 years and beyond, which is the vision and belief of Sg100 Foundation.

Do join us in our ongoing Youth Mentoring Programme, where we connect mentors from various industries with tertiary students. We look forward to your presence at our next Sg 100 Foundation event!

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