Sharing by Harvard Business School Alumnus Willy Tan on Strategies

“How do you define strategy and how is it related to your daily life?” This is the question asked by Mr Willy Tan during the sharing 18th Jan 2020.

Mr Willy Tan as the chairman of SG100 Foundation was sharing the wealth of knowledge he gained from the prestigious Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program (AMP). AMP is widely considered the pinnacle of business school education, preparing candidates “for the highest level of management”.

Willy shared that Harvard AMP was founded during WWII when the Germany army was sweeping through Europe. It was in those critical moments the US government asked the Harvard Business School faculty to design a program that condensed the best business practices into a month-long course for the top military leaders of the country.

In more than six decades, Harvard AMP has trained generations of top corporate, military and government leaders around the world.

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of the word “strategy”? Willy asked this question to the audience. With different interpretations from the audience, he then explained the teachings on strategy from AMP.

Willy not only explained the definition of strategy but also elaborated on the application this concept through a case study of Gucci, which helped the audience contemplate on how can they better their businesses or careers with better strategies.

In the first part of the sharing, Willy gave the audience a glimpse into one of the finest business school programs in the world. Then, he brought the discussion back to Singapore, offering a case study on Singapore’s success.

Using the Country Analysis Approach, Willy evaluated the salient data of Singapore, identified its growth strategy, and evaluated Singapore’s socioeconomic performance since its founding.

A few hours passed quickly with Willy’s captivating sharing. The 200-strong audience not only received a top-notch business school lesson but also came to better appreciate Singapore’s success with the newfound perspective on grand strategy.

Mr Willy Tan, as the Chairman of SG100 Foundation, concluded his talk by sharing on why he started SG100 – he and a group of nation lovers aim to build on the foundation set by our pioneer generation to establish a prosperous and sustainable future for Singapore. The talk he gave is part of his wider initiative to empower fellow Singaporeans with the best learnings to help sustain Singapore **for perpetuity.

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