Unlabelled Run – Jun 2019

SG100 Foundation participating in the Unlabelled Run (Supporting the Singapore Drive for the acceptance of ex-inmates & their cause to be integrated back to society)

Labelling others is common in society.

But the individuals who are unfairly labelled can experience negative consequences such as stigmatization and discrimination. To raise awareness about the harm of these labels, in 2016, The New Charis Mission (TNCM) initiated the “Unlabelled Run”, a 5km fun run and 10km competitive run, to advocate the removal of these harmful labels.

More than just a run, it is a clarion call to Singaporeans that we must unite to build an inclusive, cohesive, and compassionate society. 
That is why Unlabelled Run advocates the removal of prejudicial labels in our society. The New Charis Mission seeks the creation of a greater awareness of unlabelling via the Unlabelled Movement.

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